SPOON. FORK. KNIFE. The archtypes of utensils are as fundamental as they are fundamentally different. Previous attempts to combine these have resulted in a loss of some function. Either the knife is useless, the spoon has little capacity or the fork tines are weak and ineffectual. In this grand unification of cutlery, all three essential tools are combined in a single, seamless, elegant, and wholly functional package. By utilizing a full size knife blade as a secondary fork tine, ample space is left for a full-size spoon at the opposite end, without sacrificing integrity. The quarter-twist of 2mm polystyrene blends the vertical and horizontal elements together organically, making the SporKnife comfortable to grip and maneuver, in addition to an increased visual appeal.


Spoon. Fork. Knife.

Although the spork works in a light duty capacity, it fails to perform the full utility of either the spoon or the fork, plus an essential piece is missing: the knife.

Archer Nobyl

Ultra Silent Crossbow

For the ultimate survivor who needs to get in and out in one piece, undetected, the ArcherNobyl is a silent, effective crossbow that won’t leave you exposed.

OTHER CROSSBOWS have rates of fire that leave much to be desired. With the ArcherNobyl, you can take out a horde of zombies before you’re surrounded. For hunting, self-defense or recreation, the flush-fit 10 bolt magazine is the perfect balance of performance and convenience. For greater firepower, extended magazines up to 25 bolts are available. This project culminated in true innovation for archers and hunters, raising the bar for stealth and speed.

The PROMPT was to develop a prophylactic knee brace for a specific sport using a specific brand language. A Ferrari brace for fencing resulted and pushed the over-the-top expression of speed, performance and unparalleled sex appeal into a realm of rigid rules, strict dress codes and an understood sense of civility. Combining these seemingly dissimilar worlds ended up producing within the designer a better appreciation of both, were some surprising similarities and shared philosophies were understood in the process. Emphasis was placed on maintaining brand integrity on a product they would not ordinarily design. Deep investigation was necessary to consider specific user needs, environment and common injuries. The project culminated in a CAD model and 3-D printed prototype with finish and anatomical fit.


Knee Brace

Development and production of an activity-specific knee brace utilizing brand identity from a chosen company, in this case, fencing and Ferrari.

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