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A SLEEk, elegant vessel with abstracted avian influence, the pelican pot, or Pelipot, features clean lines, a stable base, one quart capacity and ergonomic handle polished to a high gloss, iridescent shine. As much an artifact to display as a functional product, the Pelipot was sculpted by hand out of foam in two halves, vacuum-formed and cast out of thermoset polymer resin.



The simplest tool, a vessel, is the perfect canvas to explore beautiful forms.

THE BOX. A quintessential vessel made for holding, protecting and transporting something of value. Largely used and discarded as a mere wrapper, this shelter was purpose-built to complement its contents - a brass blade - but also be a display piece in its own right.



Carefully and precisely crafted from Purpleheart and Poplar, the Vault is an exercise in craftsmanship and suitability of design.

Though CORROSION-RESISTANt and beautiful, brass cannot be hardened by forging like steel, it must be work hardened by brute force and patience. Paired with a hefty, well-balanced handle, and a lustrous finish, this knife is an all-in-one, one-of-a-kind tool.

Brass utility

Kitchen Knife

This blade was designed to incorporate the utility of several kitchen tools; a wide surface for spreading, gentle curved edge for slicing, and a deep finger clearance for chopping.

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