CONCEPTUALIZING, designing, & building is who I am and what I do. Being an insatiable learner and an ambitious independent worker since childhood, I have acquired a broad range of productive aptitudes including woodworking, sewing by hand and machine, metalworking, forgery, and metallurgy, leather-working, electronics design and engineering, 3D modeling and 3D printing. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I am an avid lover of the outdoors and keep active by running, bicycling, hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking, doing parkour and archery. I intend in my professional pursuits to combine passion for activity with my hard-earned technical skill set and problem-solving brain, to create practical, meaningful products.


Since I perform optimally when I have more to do, I am constantly developing new projects for myself. I am always on the lookout for problems to solve, both professionally and in everyday life. Any opportunity to improve a function is eagerly taken, whether redesigning an existing concept to best suit a need, or inventing entirely new objects; whichever is best to solve the problem at hand. I take note of insufficiencies where I see them, online or around the house; most recently this resulted in the creation of a 3D printed storage system for my girlfriend’s makeup collection which, somewhat surprisingly (though not to her), went viral on Facebook in her cosmetic groups.


Thinking of ways to streamline the process of production without sacrificing quality or precision is something else that gets my blood pumping. By taking out unnecessary steps, consolidating the use of space, or minimizing unnecessary material, everything is made faster, cheaper and better. I have applied this mindset, not only in the manufacture of products, but also in data entry, the organization of inventory and planning of events and activities. Through my Masters program, I’ve discovered a knack and enthusiasm for direct user research, especially while digging deep on my thesis project. Surveys and passive and active observations have been a boon to developing appealing features, requirements and forms in my projects.


My demeanor is one of calm, patient enthusiasm which allows me to firmly understand the needs of those I work with in order to assess situations and address needs with or without direct supervisory presence. Having worked in positions where my roles and responsibilities were dynamic, I take great initiative to get a job done, even when beyond my position description, once my own duties are fulfilled. I am my own worst critic and remain focused until my task has been completed and completed well.


Industrial Design is the ultimate venue to learn, create and improve the human experience. I look forward to putting my skills to use in the free market, growing in the workplace, and collaborating with other creative minds with whom my lifelong passions overlap.

MFA Industrial Design 2017


BS Political Science, Philosophy & Economics 2012

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