MFA Industrial Design 2019


BS Political Science, Philosophy & Economics 2012

CONCEPTUALIZING, designing, & building has always been a defining part of myself. Over the years I have acquired a broad range of hands-on skills including woodworking, sewing by hand and machine, metalworking, leather working, electronics, engineering, 3D modeling and 3D printing. I strive to create practical, intuitive, and meaningful products that improve the lives of users. Professionally, I’d love to combine a personal passion with this goal, for example, my life-long love of games or the great outdoors.


2018 was quite eventful for me. I landed my first full-time Industrial Design job at the beginning of the year, proposed to my wife in the middle, and bought a house and got married toward the end. In 2019 I completed my Masters Degree and ran my first Kickstarter campaign with the help of my wife, which was a massively valuable learning experience. Now I’m looking forward to 2020; we’re expecting our first kid in May. I feel very lucky and grateful to have had the opportunity, drive and support to fulfill my dreams, and I'm eager to continue to learn, grow and improve with each new opportunity.


Industrial Design is the ultimate venue to learn, create and augment the human experience. I get no greater joy than when I have made something tangible that improves lives, even in small ways. I look forward to continuing to gather knowledge and wisdom; putting my skills to use in the free market and collaborating with other creative minds with whom my passions overlap.


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