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Unleashing parkour potential. This is the world's first backpack designed for parkour traceurs (that actually works). Watch the video presentation below or click here to learn more.

The Transcend Backpack defines the competition as the only true high-activity backpack. Follow me on my journey through the design process.

Retro Bro

Handheld Gaming Device

COMBINING THE POWER of modern technology with nostalgic design influences, the Retro Bro harkens back to an age of childhood gaming wonder. Capable of running all video game systems from the origins of Atari and Commodore all the way up to the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, it provides an unparalleled portable gaming experience.


Features: HDMI output, ethernet connectivity, built-in wi-fi, multiple USB input ports, full screen control, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro-USB charging port, 6000 mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery offering up to five continuous hours of gameplay. A silent, 40mm axial fan keeps the device running coolly and efficiently even with graphic-intensive games.


Cosmetic Organizers

FULLY FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER in August of 2019! Presenting, my first two patented designs: Shadow Racks are a new way to store, manage and display makeup collections. This is not just another box, bag, or shelf. It's a modular, customizable system designed for makeup users.


shadowrackorganizers.com | Instagram | Kickstarter | Etsy Shop | Preorder

What began as a surprise for my girlfriend (now wife) turned into a social media frenzy which then became an Etsy shop that launched on November 11th, 2017. Sales have been entirely social media driven thanks to my wife, who has been marketing my first US Patented designs.


Shadow Rack Organizers bring innovation to makeup organization. They are wall-mountable, linkable and custom fit to display the industry's hottest brands. This is not just another shelf, box or bag. It's a modular, bespoke storage system. They simply tack onto the wall, link together and can also be secured using screws, scotch squares or command strips. With more than 10 sizes and 4 designs, our customers are able to get the racks that suit their individual brand and product preferences. All sizes link together for seamless displaying. Makeup users love the experience of enhancing and transforming their faces, but their morning routine can often be a hurried and stressful time. Vanity spaces should be a sanctuary, a tranquil refuge, and a time to have serious fun with style exploration.


Why Shadow Racks?

The ultimate goal of makeup storage is to be able to see the things that you have, so you can have fun with the new and shiny stuff, but also be reminded to dip into older favorites and get the most out of your investment. In acrylic organizers and drawers it’s still easy for things to go mentally missing (out of sight out of mind). That’s why I invented Shadow Rack organizers, that can utilize wall space to beautifully display makeup collections.


Shadow Racks are in production and on the market! Etsy | Instagram

Version One ^



■ See everything you have all at once, both old favorites and new additions - No more digging through bins.


■ Make more creative decisions when your whole collection is in front of you.


■ Go vertical. Clear your counters by utilizing empty wall space.


■ It’s easy to pull items in and out of Racks because they are custom fitted to fit specific components.


■ Build your set to the size that fits your makeup collection.


■ Store makeup like it's art, display the things that bring you joy.


■ Designed to complement any brand and surrounding decor.


■ VERSATILE: Mount on the wall, inside your medicine cabinet, the side of furniture, or stack inside drawers for a more discrete setup.


■ Create a vanity space that makes you excited to play with makeup.


Final design (from 3D printed to injection molded):

Designer, fabricator, 3-D Modeler.

Joseph Quinn is a Seattle-based product designer, maker and craftsman with a minimalist aesthetic and relentless drive to innovate. Fourteen years of product ideation, design, model making and production fabrication preceded his entrance into the MFA program at the Academy of Art in San Francisco back in 2015. Joseph has since completed his thesis remotely in the Seattle area and is working full time in the field.


His focus is on a clean, sleek and sturdy construction with an emphasis on efficiency, stewardship, eliminating waste and giving users the best, most intuitive experience possible. A large scope of professional and educational experience additional to design including engineering, manufacturing, economics, marketing and management, give Joe a well-rounded perspective. Learn more about Joe.

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